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Current campaigns

We help victims of domestic violence, but also those who work with them. We organize trainings, workshops, but we also educate parents and children. Here you can find what we are doing right now.


Workshop for intervention teams

At the end of the May, we organized a workshop for intervention teams, which was attended by staff from the prosecutor’s office, police, the the ÚPSVaR, the intervention centre and the emergency medical service. During this meeting we tried to exchange knowledge in providing protection to victims of violence, strengthen mutual cooperation and exchange knowledge.

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At the information event for the professional public, we spreadthe ideas of the project “Staviame Mosty Pomoci”.

An information event for the professional public entitled “What do we need to know about domestic violence and how can we help?” took place at the Counselling and Prevention Centre in Lučenec. The event focused on the issue of domestic and gender-based violence, the development of cooperation in the region, as well as the presentation

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We discussed topics that are important to young people

We also talked about where the boundaries are between a conflict or an argument and domestic violence, what are the warning signs in the behaviour of perpetrators of violence and, last but not least, we focused on where to seek help if they or someone around them is experiencing such violence. Another pleasant discussion aimed

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With the students, we were looking for where the line between conflict and violence is

At the beginning of April, we participated in a discussion with students at the Viliam Gaňa boarding school in Banská Bystrica. We talked about relationships and domestic violence. With a group of 10 students, we discussed what domestic and gender-based violence is, what forms of this violence we know, and we were interested in how

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Educational campaign of the project Staviame Mosty Pomoci

Our educational campaign of the We Build Bridges for Help project continues in the new year. We bring to your attention two educational dates for the continuation of Bruises on the Soul III. on January 19, 2023 and January 26, 2023, which will be attended by approximately 30 participants. In the offer we will also

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The third meeting of entities that want to help victims of domestic violence

At the meeting of multi-institutional cooperation of cooperating entities – the districts of Žiar nad Hronom, Banská Štiavnica and Žarnovica, the main topic was “Cooperation of institutions in the framework of the protection of children in the context of domestic violence”. At the third meeting in a row within the territory of the Banská Bystrica region,

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How can helping entities cooperate with each other

In November, we completed another interesting meeting of multi-institutional cooperation of cooperating entities – now for the district of Brezno. The theme of the meeting was “Violence against women and its impact on children’s lives”. In addition to the entities of the non-profit sector, the meeting was attended by representatives of the District Prosecutor’s Office, the

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With college students, we were looking for a way to avoid a relationship that brings complications

With the students of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, we opened a workshop on the topic: “Is it possible to avoid a relationship that will bring complications to our lives?” the topic of domestic and gender-based violence. We had a discussion with about 25 young people, with whom we watched the documentary “It’s all

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BBSK also cooperates in the project We Build Bridges of Help

At the beginning of November, we took part in a meeting of social workers of BBSK social service facilities. Here we presented the project We are building bridges of help, which focuses on helping victims of domestic and gender-based violence. We presented the main goals and activities of the project, as well as practical examples

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Students from Secondary School Bánoš in B. Bystrica know that there is a #solution

As part of the information campaign of the project Staviame Mosty Pomoci and as part of the activities of our counseling and intervention center, we discussed with students the topic: What to watch out for in partner relationships – how not to become a victim or a violent person? This workshop showed young people how

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Discussions that open mutual cooperation

At the meeting of multi-institutional cooperation of cooperating entities – Banská Bystrica district, we addressed the topic of the possibilities and limits of the cooperation of entities in the prevention and elimination of domestic violence. In addition to the entities of the non-profit sector, representatives of the District Prosecutor’s Office, the District Directorate of PZ,

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We build Bridges of Help – we heal bruises on the soul

It can happen ANYWHERE… The topic of violence against children is a difficult but necessary topic that should not only be talked about, but also tried to be solved. But how to provide effective support and help to the child if I feel that something is wrong? How to reduce the risk of sexual abuse

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Sign up for KOZMO and his adventures and help stop bullying and violence

Is it important to you that children are tolerant of each other and able to accept the differences of others without violent and traumatic reactions? Do you witness children hurting each other? That they single out someone from among themselves or give them a nasty nickname? Or are they mocking him? And are you sometimes

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The introductory conference started a project that wants to help protect women and children from domestic violence

The Krupina Social Services Center and the Banskobystrica Self-Governing Region were successful in the project, which will bring several activities to support victims of domestic and gender-based violence by the end of April 2024. In the Banská Bystrica region, they will organize educational campaigns for the general public, but also train those who work with

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