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Staviame mosty pomoci

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Nemusia vás biť, sácať alebo vám fyzicky ubližovať.
Ak vás ponižujú, obviňujú, kričia na vás, klamú, zadržiavajú vám peniaze, vyhrážajú sa vám či inak sa snažia mať nad vami kontrolu - je to stále domáce násilie.

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Our Vision

We want to maintain the provision of quality specialized counselling services to victims of violence and expand our services to other districts in the Banská Bystrica region.

Where can I find help?

Špecializované poradenské centrum pre obete násilia

Intervenčné centrum pre obete násilia

Web is part of the project

The We Build Bridges benefits from a € 441 572,45 grant from Norway through the Norway Grants. The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of € 77 924,55. The aim of the project is to to maintain the quality of providing specialized counseling services to victims of violence, and at the same time, we plan to move these specialized services to other districts of the Banská Bystrica Region.

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What we do

Our activities

Read articles about our work, activities and campaigns to help raise awareness about how to approach victims of domestic violence.


Workshop for intervention teams

At the end of the May, we organized a workshop for intervention teams, which was attended by staff from the prosecutor’s office, police, the the ÚPSVaR, the intervention centre and the emergency medical service. During this meeting we tried to exchange knowledge in providing protection to victims of violence, strengthen mutual cooperation and exchange knowledge.

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At the information event for the professional public, we spreadthe ideas of the project “Staviame Mosty Pomoci”.

An information event for the professional public entitled “What do we need to know about domestic violence and how can we help?” took place at the Counselling and Prevention Centre in Lučenec. The event focused on the issue of domestic and gender-based violence, the development of cooperation in the region, as well as the presentation

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We discussed topics that are important to young people

We also talked about where the boundaries are between a conflict or an argument and domestic violence, what are the warning signs in the behaviour of perpetrators of violence and, last but not least, we focused on where to seek help if they or someone around them is experiencing such violence. Another pleasant discussion aimed

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one in
women over the age of 15 has been a victim of physical or sexual violence at least once in her life
on average,
0 %
of European women who have experienced sexual abuse do not report the incident to the police
an average of
Slovak women are victims of violence each year